Food Toxicity Testing Machines

Before packing the finished products you must make sure that they do not contain an increased amount of poison such as cyanide etc. This test is very important and is done by a strip that radiates UV light that exposes the products containing poison and those that are found to be normal.

Those who contain more poison than they are allowed must to be thrown out. When you export your products to other countries, your packaging will be checked by the Ministry of Health of those countries and if your products are found to contain too much poison, the authorities will disqualify your goods and refuse to admit them to that country and destroy the produce or send it back to you!

That's why this mastication stage is very important! You can also attach to the machine a smart camera system that identifies the damaged products alone and then separates them from the good ones. A machine with such a camera system also saves a lot of manpower and prevents mistakes.