Industrial Compoters

For the sake of soil health society and the environment is very important that we produce fertilizer anywhere in the world which has agricultural land. Conventional agriculture, for the most part, destroys thousands of acres of land each year that are rendered incapable of agricultural cultivation because they have been eroded and all organic matter has been lost. Such lands quickly become contaminated with hazardous chemicals and when the rains come, they carry these dangerous materials with them.

In order to deal with this phenomenon of loss of evidence lands for cultivation, we must produce compost from organic food residues and animal feces, and with this organic material, we can enrich the agricultural lands and turn them into evidence of agricultural cultivation, whether organic or conventional. At the same time, when we produce compost, we also contribute to the environment in reducing waste and reducing the emission of polluting gases and sources of pollution and diseases created from busy garbage dumps.

Compost contributes greatly to the health of the land and to the control of the crops, whether it is vegetable fields or plantations of fruit trees. We have the technology to produce compost from organic waste, thus reducing the load from municipal garbage dumps, as well as to produce healthy material for agricultural use free of hazardous chemicals, which contributes to the health of plants and soil and increases partial production.