Prefabricated Manufacture Site

When it comes to the point where you have to build the plant itself you have to remember some very important things

Since the plant will deal with the production of food, the production area must be an enclosed area in which there is no dust or dirt. The conditions in the interior must be in maximum hygiene. It is impossible to produce dried fruits in a tent!

Therefore, it is very important to build a closed and sealed structure for the entrance of insect and animal insects and of course the site must be protected from the weather, including heat and cold and extreme winds.

Therefore, we suggest that you build the factory space with us and we will make sure to build a factory using the fastest method and on the other hand the safest method that ensures a safe structure for use and living.

It is important to note that the factory structure must include an area for :

  1. Productions line set with the machines
  2. storage
  3. laboratory
  4. offices
  5. accommodation
  6. showroom and supermarket

We are able to establish 3000 square meters in just one month.