Food Packaging Machines

Vacuum bag packaging is the safest way to get a successful packaging that will look great and maintain a longer shelf life than any other method.

It is a known fact that the main cause of low shelf life is oxygen, oxidation of the product causes bacteria to reproduce and the product lose its vitality, color, and taste.

The vacuum device removes the oxygen from the bag and creates an oxygen-free environment and therefore shelf life increases significantly.

In addition, it is possible after the oxygen is removed to introduce noble gas in the place and create a "controlled atmosphere", thus maintaining a long shelf life on one side, while on the other hand the product is not damaged by its quality and shape. So a bag of dry food or leaves can look normal even though inside it has a controlled atmosphere.

Of course when the subject comes to packaging the sauces or juices we must produce another special packaging machine, packing in aluminum jars under pressure or packaging in bottles